Setting an intention

My yoga instructors always start the class by asking us to set an intention.  I have begun applying this idea to my runs too.  It feels more more aspirational and realistic than setting a goal for every run.  I have my long term goals for running, but on a daily basis setting an intention feels right as I start each workout.  Sometimes it is what I am aiming for that days run to be, other times it’s taking a moment to remind myself to concentrate on a “smaller” aspect of my foot strike, my breath, etc.

My legs felt good after a few easy days.  I hopped on the treadmill without much of a plan.  I closed my eyes and saw 5 miles in 40 minutes.  Deep breath and off I went!


Ready for my gross up?  I got the worse chaffing with these shorts.  I have had a few small issues with them in the past, but today wow.  PAINFUL.  It’s gotten so warm that I want to run in shorts instead of capris or long tights, but I can’t keep have this happen all summer long.


Sweaty post run.  The lighting hid my tomato red complexion.  Folks for the next two hours kept asking how I got so sunburned.  No sunburn, just really red from my run.


Super yummy dinner.  I wish I had taken a photo.  Pasta with edamame, marinated tomato/basil/onion, and parm.

Finishing up Ladies of London (I know I know) and then off to finish up my Sunday edition of the NYT.  I feel really wasteful if I don’t make it through most of it.

Anyone have any ideas for how to make running in shorts more pleasant?


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