A quiet few days.

A quick 1.5 mile run to Whole Foods this morning that ended with grocery shopping.  There are few things worse than Whole Foods on P Street on a Sunday anytime after 11:00am.  I do my best to go early or wait until midday on Monday.  A perk of having Sunday/Mondays off.

Lots of reading time.  I started and finished this book in a 24 hour period.  I loved it!  Thanks for the sharing it with me J!



Time at the dog park.

Lunch and drinks at Garden District with N.  Not pictured a totally delicious brisket sandwich.  So good to catch up with friends!




We were on about a minute delay on the game.  Across the alley we heard and saw our neighbor going NUTS, and it didn’t seem in a happy way. Our stomachs sank sure any moment we were about to see Portugal score again.  The seconds creeped by.  Then we all start screaming at the TV and jumping around the living room.  USA scores again, but not enough.  A tie.  I can’t.

What did you do this weekend?


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