A Swampy Run

Yesterday included a yoga for athletes class, and my first BLT of the summer for dinner.  I swear my cholesterol spikes each summer, because I have to have at least a BLT a week.  Along with the BLT was a quick corn/tomato/and basil salad.

This morning the cloudy skies were deceiving.  What seemingly should have a been a pleasant run was anything not.  I was up for an easy day and decided to head up 16th Street.  I know easy days are important, but it is always hard for me to commit to them.  I inevitably push harder than I should, work in sprints, (because otherwise it gets boring) or push pace when I shouldn’t.  Today my easy day was a compromise.  Run up 16th and get in some work on the hill that is 16th Street, but run at a nice easy pace for the entire run.  Today wasn’t as hot as the last few in DC, but the air was thick with humidity.  I felt like I was running in water. I got in 4.60 miles in 42:15.  An average pace of 9:11 and splits at 9:15/8:49/9:46/9:03/8:51.

Going to take these two for a walk before work!


My face turns bright red, like tomato red for a at least an hour after a run.  Nothing but time eases me back to my normal complexion. Anyone else?


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