Lacing Up

After a few days without lacing up I decided to go for a quick round of intervals for today’s session. I counted my bike ride to the gym as my warm up and jumped up on the treadmill. I alternated 2 minutes at 9:13 pace with 2 minutes at 6:58 pace and did six intervals. I didn’t have much time before work so I could only squeeze in 6 intervals for a total of 3.0 miles in 23:53 with a average pace of 7:57.

I cut the run short to make sure I would have time to stretch and foam roll. I realized it has been a few weeks since my last visit to the physical therapist and need to make an appointment to see S. stat. I always feel better when I make it a priority to see her and address any small issue before it grows into a big one.

With summer officially here to stay I think I will be seeing more treadmill time than street/trail time but want to make sure I am getting in at least 1 good run a week in outside. I know I’m strongest when I do a combine both types of running into my training plan.

My next race isn’t until the MCM 10K, but I think I will have to find another close to home race before that to keep me on track. I am much better at making fitness a priority when I have something to look forward and measure my progress against. The fact that my head is clearer and it is so much easier to take a deep breath throughout the day should be enough, but it is the quantifiable date and time to look forward to that keeps me pounding the pavement.

Until next time.  What keeps you on track?



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