7 Intervals + Yoga For Athletes

Wednesday Recap:

My bike ride to the gym was my warm up so I could jump on the treadmill and get going!

7 sets of intervals with each of the intervals getting faster than the previous interval.


2 minutes at a 8:49 pace (aka recovery)

2 minutes at 6:53 pace


2 minutes at 6:53 pace


2 minutes at 6:49 pace


2 minutes at 6:44 pace


2 minutes at 6:40 pace


2 minutes at 6:35 pace


2 minutes at 6:31 pace

Off the treadmill and over to yoga with athletes.  This class always feels amazing.  It’s similar to a Vinyasa flow style class with  lots of time is spent focusing on all the tight runner muscles.

A great breakfast.  My mom calls this a Turkish breakfast a little toast/feta/fruit/tomatoes.  Perfect for the hot weather.



What do you crave for breakfast?  Does the weather influence what you crave?




Setting an intention

My yoga instructors always start the class by asking us to set an intention.  I have begun applying this idea to my runs too.  It feels more more aspirational and realistic than setting a goal for every run.  I have my long term goals for running, but on a daily basis setting an intention feels right as I start each workout.  Sometimes it is what I am aiming for that days run to be, other times it’s taking a moment to remind myself to concentrate on a “smaller” aspect of my run..my foot strike, my breath, etc.

My legs felt good after a few easy days.  I hopped on the treadmill without much of a plan.  I closed my eyes and saw 5 miles in 40 minutes.  Deep breath and off I went!


Ready for my gross up?  I got the worse chaffing with these shorts.  I have had a few small issues with them in the past, but today wow.  PAINFUL.  It’s gotten so warm that I want to run in shorts instead of capris or long tights, but I can’t keep have this happen all summer long.


Sweaty post run.  The lighting hid my tomato red complexion.  Folks for the next two hours kept asking how I got so sunburned.  No sunburn, just really red from my run.


Super yummy dinner.  I wish I had taken a photo.  Pasta with edamame, marinated tomato/basil/onion, and parm.

Finishing up Ladies of London (I know I know) and then off to finish up my Sunday edition of the NYT.  I feel really wasteful if I don’t make it through most of it.

Anyone have any ideas for how to make running in shorts more pleasant?

Monday Funday






A few photos from today our two hour walk with the Bandit.  All around our ‘hood, through Meridian Hill Park, and down to 14th Street for coffee.  His energy is boundless.  It was one of those days that makes you fall in love with DC.  Blue skies and cool breezes made for perfect walking weather.ImageImageA bit of grilling for dinner.  Peaches and figs with feta, asparagus with lemon, corn, and pork chops along with a white wine spritzer.  
ImageThe pups keeping an eye on the grill.


Looking forward to the week ahead.  There is a 90’s dance party on Saturday that should be amazing!

Back in touch soon with a real run to report.




A quiet few days.

A quick 1.5 mile run to Whole Foods this morning that ended with grocery shopping.  There are few things worse than Whole Foods on P Street on a Sunday anytime after 11:00am.  I do my best to go early or wait until midday on Monday.  A perk of having Sunday/Mondays off.

Lots of reading time.  I started and finished this book in a 24 hour period.  I loved it!  Thanks for the sharing it with me J!



Time at the dog park.

Lunch and drinks at Garden District with N.  Not pictured a totally delicious brisket sandwich.  So good to catch up with friends!




We were on about a minute delay on the game.  Across the alley we heard and saw our neighbor going NUTS, and it didn’t seem in a happy way. Our stomachs sank sure any moment we were about to see Portugal score again.  The seconds creeped by.  Then we all start screaming at the TV and jumping around the living room.  USA scores again, but not enough.  A tie.  I can’t.

What did you do this weekend?

A Swampy Run

Yesterday included a yoga for athletes class, and my first BLT of the summer for dinner.  I swear my cholesterol spikes each summer, because I have to have at least a BLT a week.  Along with the BLT was a quick corn/tomato/and basil salad.

This morning the cloudy skies were deceiving.  What seemingly should have a been a pleasant run was anything not.  I was up for an easy day and decided to head up 16th Street.  I know easy days are important, but it is always hard for me to commit to them.  I inevitably push harder than I should, work in sprints, (because otherwise it gets boring) or push pace when I shouldn’t.  Today my easy day was a compromise.  Run up 16th and get in some work on the hill that is 16th Street, but run at a nice easy pace for the entire run.  Today wasn’t as hot as the last few in DC, but the air was thick with humidity.  I felt like I was running in water. I got in 4.60 miles in 42:15.  An average pace of 9:11 and splits at 9:15/8:49/9:46/9:03/8:51.

Going to take these two for a walk before work!


My face turns bright red, like tomato red for a at least an hour after a run.  Nothing but time eases me back to my normal complexion. Anyone else?

Lacing Up

After a few days without lacing up I decided to go for a quick round of intervals for today’s session. I counted my bike ride to the gym as my warm up and jumped up on the treadmill. I alternated 2 minutes at 9:13 pace with 2 minutes at 6:58 pace and did six intervals. I didn’t have much time before work so I could only squeeze in 6 intervals for a total of 3.0 miles in 23:53 with a average pace of 7:57.

I cut the run short to make sure I would have time to stretch and foam roll. I realized it has been a few weeks since my last visit to the physical therapist and need to make an appointment to see S. stat. I always feel better when I make it a priority to see her and address any small issue before it grows into a big one.

With summer officially here to stay I think I will be seeing more treadmill time than street/trail time but want to make sure I am getting in at least 1 good run a week in outside. I know I’m strongest when I do a combine both types of running into my training plan.

My next race isn’t until the MCM 10K, but I think I will have to find another close to home race before that to keep me on track. I am much better at making fitness a priority when I have something to look forward and measure my progress against. The fact that my head is clearer and it is so much easier to take a deep breath throughout the day should be enough, but it is the quantifiable date and time to look forward to that keeps me pounding the pavement.

Until next time.  What keeps you on track?